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Care Guide

Here is our recommended guide for the care of your new ‘were’!

General Cleaning:

Wash thoroughly before & after use. We recommend warm water and unscented soap. You can also boil* your toy by submerging in water ONLY for approximately 5-10 minutes to sanitize. You can also use toy cleaner only if it is labeled safe for silicone toys. Air dry your toy before storing it.

*For toys labeled Near Clear/ NC 31/ NC 45 discoloration/cloudiness MAY occur if boiled. If unsure to risk discoloration, we can advise to stick with soap & water and/or a silicone safe toy cleaner.


Before storing your new were, please ensure it is clean and not wet. You can keep your toy with other toys so long as they are also 100% platinum-cure silicone.  We recommend cloth bags to store your toy in.

General Usage:

We recommend water-based lubricant only. Do not use silicone-based lubricants as this could damage your toy. Keep your toy well lubed in use, as otherwise can cause discomfort and or damage the toy.

Toys without bases or means of retrieval, such as eggs, are NOT for anal use. Toys labeled as squishes are NOT for adult play.

*Packer Care:

Cornstarch can be applied to your packer to reduce moisture buildup, stickiness, and chaffing. Always avoid sharp edges or objects in use and storage. When packing, wear an undergarment to protect against rough seams and zippers as softer silicone is easier to tear.