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Double Sided Suction Cup


Transform your flat-based toy into one with suction power! Our Double-Sided Suction Cups are created to utilize your toys for your machine, creating a double ended toy, or just sticking toys around your shower/fridge/ wherever may be a flat and smooth surface! Endless amusement!

(These are rarely poured due to the complexity of the mold. These are DROP ONLY! We do not plan to make these customs due to the time, high flop rate, and keeping low amounts of firm silicone at hand!) 

Special things to note with MTW’s suction cups! Every one of these have a seam/trim line on one of the cup sides. This is because we use a two-part mold, and the final product is one solid double-sided cup; not glued! Because of this, the seam line may look not very aesthetically pleasing (more noticeable the larger the cup), but quality of the suction itself is not at all impacted! In the future, we may have different mold making methods to make it look nicer for that side. Also print lines, mold imperfections are more apparent for these vs our standard toys as these are not for internal use


Please understand that suction and time can vary for lots of reasons! Usually, the heavier and longer the toy may be, the likelihood the suction time is reduced vs shorter and smaller. (Larger the cup, the stronger, but needs to fit the base of the toy appropriately!)  The firmness of the toy that's being suctioned may also play an impact being that toys on the firmer side may stay suctioned longer. Also, lube/water on the surface can cause the suction to ‘slip’!  We advise that a dry glossy, smooth, and flat is always the best results! Painted, unfinished and textured areas typically don’t hold much to any suction. Also note that these are not compatible with Vac-U-Lock toys (hole in base) because they cannot keep suction with a hole in the middle!

At this time we can recommend that the size model you get in our shop should mirror the size cup, BUT there are some smaller bases that may need the size smaller down!


Flops in our double suction cups can be classified as these and are discounted accordingly:

Oddballs: Just cosmetic oddity; commonly small bubbles or odd trim. None to very minor suction impact.

Flops: Usually a big bubble on the rim of the suction cup. May have moderate suction impact.

Super Flops: Big flaw in the suction cup usually causing a major suction impact. 

*In most if not all flops, there will only be one side impacted by the flaw unless otherwise stated. The other side will usually be completely fine since it’s not the one near the two-part mold seam etc.



We currently make 4 different sizes:



Base Cost USD: $15

Total Length/Height: ~1.15”

Diameter: ~1 ½ “

Diameter Expanded/Flattened: ~ 1 ¾ “

Circumference: ~ 5”

Circumference Expanded/Flattened: ~5 ¾ “



Base Cost USD: $25

Total Length/Height: ~1 ½ ”

Diameter: ~2 “

Diameter Expanded/Flattened: ~ 2 ¼  “

Circumference: ~ 6 ½ ”

Circumference Expanded/Flattened: ~7 ¼  “



Base Cost USD: $35

Total Length/Height: ~2”

Diameter: ~2 ½  “

Diameter Expanded/Flattened: ~ 2 ¾ “

Circumference: ~8 ”

Circumference Expanded/Flattened: ~8 ¾  “



Base Cost USD: $45

Total Length/Height: ~2 ¼  ”

Diameter: ~3 “

Diameter Expanded/Flattened: ~ 3 ¼  “

Circumference: ~ 9 ½  ”

Circumference Expanded/Flattened: ~10 ¼  “


All suction cups are poured in 10A firm platinum silicone! This has proved to have best suction results vs softer silicone.