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Gray is MTW’s first penetrable ready with the perfect face to boop, kiss, and a lot more! Gray was made with grip in mind for this smirky friend to provide better handle for your time together. With its squishy and flexible thinner middle area, it can also serve a purpose of making a tighter experience!

The internal passageway is what we’d call to be average and on the snug side; not too tight as the canal isn’t too small but not too loose either regarding the full size. The mini is intended for those who have bottom growth and is not intended for anything much larger than a finger, otherwise can damage the toy. With or without bottom growth, the mini can also serve as a fun, experimental vibe sleeve! (Has been tested mainly with a We-Vibe Tango and fits well! It was 3.5”x 0.75”)

At this time, all Gray models are poured in 00-20 Super Soft firmness to provide the best comfortable stretch! Also, both models are open ended with no plans to making them closed at this time! Some Full size Gray models may have a seam line on the outside only (inside there is no seam at all). 

 Please bear in mind that with this more complex model and mold, minor cosmetic imperfections are typical with a handmade product.The print smoothing being noticeable, along with some cosmetic mold quirks are normal and do not hinder the use nor longevity of the toy! Use will always vary per person. 

Always keep yourself lubed (water based only) along with the toy to prevent harm to yourself or the toy! Tearing is possible for penetrable models over time and can be repaired with Sil-Poxy (Also Dragon Glue from Bad Dragon). Please do follow instructions if used. If tear is repaired, it does make that area firmer and less flexible but is skin safe after cured!



Approximate Measurements:


Full Size

Base Price: $135 USD


Total Length (From tip of nose to base): ~7 ½ ”

Usable Internal Length: ~6 ½


Length of Mouth Opening Relaxed (side to side): ~1.15”

Height of mouth Opening Relaxed:~ 0.80”

Circumference of Opening Relaxed: ~3 ¼ ”


Average Internal Diameter: ~ 1 ¼”

Average Internal Circumference : ~3 ½ “


Biggest Average External Diameter (Snout/Base):~ 3 ¼”

Biggest Average External Circumference:~ 11 ¾”


Smallest External Diameter (Middle of Model; Grip Area): ~2 ½”

Smallest External Circumference: ~ 10”


Weight: 2.2Lbs


Mini Size

Base Price: $60 USD


Total Length (From tip of nose to base): ~4”

Usable Internal Length:~ 3 ½”


Length of Mouth Opening Relaxed (side to side): ~0.60”

Height of mouth Opening Relaxed: ~ 0.40”

Circumference of Opening Relaxed: ~1 ½”


Average Internal Diameter: ~ ¾ “  

Average Internal Circumference: ~1 ¾”


Biggest Average External Diameter (Snout/Base): ~2”

Biggest Average External Circumference:~ 6 ½”


Smallest External Diameter (Middle of Model; Grip Area) ~1 ½”

Smallest External Circumference:  ~5 ½”


Weight: 0.8 Lbs