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Nerites is our snail creature model purchased by @AusSculpts on Twitter! With it's wavy sides, and middle bumps, you are in for a unique adventure! First debuted: March 2021. 


**Special notes about model: Nerites in small and medium size will ALWAYS lean back and have a slight tilt. In soft, it will lean completely back and hit the shell. In super soft, large will lean completely forward or backwards, but otherwise does stand in medium/soft firmness! In the future, we plan to redo small and medium sizes to be able to stand as well. 

Please note since this is a unique model, the length provided is if it was completely upright. Please note the dimensions as this is an odd shape, and may not be as 'thick' as you think. 



Approximate Measurements/Prices:


Average Price (USD$)




Length of


Top Shaft


Top Shaft Perimeter

Middle Shaft Width

Middle Shaft Perimeter

Middle of the font to the Back Depth



6 ½  In.

5 ½ in.

1 ½  in.

4 in.

2 in.

5 in.

1 in.



7 ¾  in.

7  in.

2 in.

5 in.

2 ½ in.

6 ½ in.

1 ¼ in.



8 ¾  in.

7 ¾ in.

2 ¼ in.

5 ¾  in

3 in.

7 ½ in.

1 ¾  in