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Powell's Paw

Hands are meant to be held…oooor a lot of other things too!  This pawsome model can be used to high five, slap around, grind, insert, partner play, wave at strangers and anything you’d need that extra hand for!


Model was commissioned by MTW/made by the ever-awesome Venus!


We hope to further utilize this sculpt to make wearable gloves! Due to the intensive R&D and costs of making the mold, it's been delayed until budget allows. Until then, this will be a solid, one sized left hand paw! 


Approximate Measurements/Price:

Base Price: $115 USD


Total Length: ~ 9 ¾  in.

Base Diameter: ~4 in.

Base Circumference: ~ 11 ½ in.


Top of Base to Longest Claw Tip: ~ 8 in.

Diameter of Wrist: ~ 2  ¼  in.

Circumference of Wrist: ~ 7 in.


Diameter at Widest with Thumb:  ~ 3 ½ in.

Circumference of Widest with Thumb: ~ 9 in.

Average Finger Diameter: ~ 1 in.

Average Finger Circumference: ~ 3 in.


Longest Finger Length to Claw Tip (Middle Finger): ~ 3 ¼ in.

Shortest Finger Length to Claw Tip (Pinky): ~ 2 ½ in.