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Sheath Koozie

A 2021 MTW April Fool's exclusive, we created the only two Sheath Koozies you see here! Us makers always use the cans for size reference, why not let them have some fun too?

 **There has been a lot of requests to bring them back, and we're hoping to see their return sometime again! (Though we have noticed some other shops releasing a similar product after ours.) It will be a bit smaller, and finer polished! Also, due to the amount of silicone used, they will be a rarity once re-released! Very few will be made at a time!

Specs of these specific 2021 April Fool's Koozies and may change once redone!

Total Length from Back to Front: ~5 in.
Length Widest: ~5 ½ in
Height: ~3½ in