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Stuffed Adult Plush Catalog and FAQ


These handmade anthro dolls are meant for adult play! We currently have these 3 patterns shown in use. (Bade, Rust and Cedar) Colors may vary, but this is their signature. The sheath comes apart with snaps so you can place your own toy inside! The pink sleeve inside the doll can hold a penetrable! The cords you see tied are to help keep your toy in place. The tighter you pull the cords, the tighter the hole/sheath becomes. A care guide will be provided with each purchase with more details on how to insert toys in their respective area.


Sewn products are all drop only (as we have them ready)  and sporadic! We usually announce at least a day prior on our twitter  and by our email newsletter. No customs, MTOs, or edits offered. Listings are the product pattern and color you'll be receiving.  


Base price was $500 USD, but we've been discounting them to move.

Approx. Measurements of the booty:

Height: ~14.25 in.

Width: (Leg edge to leg edge): ~24 in.

Avg. Waist Circumference: ~38 in.

Tail Length: ~12 in.

Circumference of Sheath Opening: ~8 in.

RECOMMENDED Max SHAFT Circumference of toy into sheath: ~8.25in (It stretches a lil)

RECOMMENDED Max BASE Circumference of toy for sheath: ~11 in.

Circumference of Booty Hole Opening: ~9 in.

RECOMMENDED Max Circumference of Pen/Stroker Toy: ~10 in. (It also stretches a lil)

Please utilize the FAQ drop down menus below for more info!