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MTW Merchandise - Logo Font Soft Enamel Pin

MTW Merchandise - Logo Font Soft Enamel Pin

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Made To Were strives to create smiles and screams! We use 100% Platinum Grade Silicone in all our silicone products along with cosmetic grade pigmentation.

**Please read the full product description and any extra notations carefully before making your purchase of this handmade product.

By purchasing, you, the customer, are automatically acknowledging that you have read & agreed to all the information and our Terms of Service. **


This listing is for one Soft Enamel Logo Font Pin! Look! Something you can actually wear from Made to Were! 

Pin is approx. .5 in tall and 2 in long!

Enamel type: Soft (Do not to forcefully bend! It's tough, but can break if has intense pressure in the middle.)

Clutch: Rubber Clutch (2 posts)

Metal: Black Plated



All products are intended and sold as personal novelty use only. Made To Were is NOT liable
 in any way, shape, or form for how you choose to use our products, or for any discomfort or injury that occurs through use. We also cannot advise how to use our products; please use good judgment!

FYI! Though this is mentioned in our terms, we wanted to add this to every listing since felt important! Our studio is located in a cat-friendly home. Though cats are NOT allowed to be in our studio space, there is an off chance of fuzz/lint to be found somewhere. We have a sanitary workspace, but it's not sterile (Us makers would dream of having that!). All usable toys do go through at least 2 washes and a boil before packing up in a heat-sealed bag! (Minus toys used for purely squishing! They are just washed once!) We also wear gloves whenever touching or handling products. When pouring we also wear masks, hair covers, and special jackets/aprons just for the studio to keep everything as clean as we possibly can!

That being said, we recommend that you still WASH YOUR TOY BEFORE AND AFTER EVERY USE~!